CSGO - People Are Awesome #2 Best oddshot, plays, highlights

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Опубліковано 10 груд. 2016 р.

Best highlights from our lovely community, 2nd clip of the serie.

does it motivate you to play ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

shitty quality for some of those clips, sorry about that i try my best to render it as good as possible. (the quality of their stream are bad)

If you're a streamer and i use one of your clip, no drama, link me and i'll credit you in description !

"People are awesome" PLAYLIST :

- https://freevideotube.ru/playlist?list...

First music 00:00 :
- Retrovision - Here we go
2nd music 02:50 :
- https://freevideotube.ru/watch?v=iIj0l...
3rd music 05:20 :
- https://freevideotube.ru/watch?v=WVmze...

The last music in the outro isn't release yet.

check "on the road - los angeles - Ollie"
Ollie :

- https://freevideotube.ru/user/Official...

RetroVision :


streamer :

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